FB360 Spatial Workstation

Anyone has been able to load the template for Version 1.3.0 … It always crash on me. (nothing else make N7 crash on my system)

Several months ago I could load Spatial Workstation but since the latest updates it’s a no go here too. john.

Not working for me either.

All the files are where they should be but it wouldn’t work in my Pro Tools HD 10 program or my Pro Tools 11 program either.

Update: The FB Spatial plug-ins are only 64 bit on Windows.
I’m running Nuendo 7.1 32 bit and Pro Tools 10 HD which is also 32 bit so the plug-ins don’t show up.
I’m running Pro Tools 11 which is 64 bit. The plug-ins are recognized but I don’t own an HD (AKA Surround) license so they won’t activate.
I’m also running Premiere Pro 2017. Guess what? they all show up and are fully functional.

I installed Nuendo 7.1.2 64 bit along side my 32 bit install and all the plug-ins work as expected in the 64 bit install.