FC7 volume pedal operation with Cubase 8 Artist

This is a rooky question.
As said in the subject, alongside a moxf8 and a Windows 7 64 bit operating system.
I load various virtual instruments on Kontakt 5.
Other times the FC7 operates just fine, other times not at all.
Obviously it has to do with the individual virtual instrument setting.
But at which menu can I set it to work?
Thank you!


What do you mean it’s not fine? What happens?

Actually it depends, what parameter is assigned to MIDI CC7 (or maybe MIDI CC11, are you sure you are sending MIDI CC7?). Most often Expression is assigned, but you can assign any parameter freely.

I mean it either works on not at all, depending on the virtual instrument in use.
As for the parameter assignment, I will need your guidance!


Then most probably it depends if the instrument supports it or not.

Could be a setting thing? (of the instrument). It doesn’t seem logical than any instrument would not support such a basic feature.

What instrument doesn’t support it, for example?

If you use s factory presets, them yes, it could be a settings thing, but I would say it’s set like this by purpose.

For example spitfire Mural strings. And as you can imagine, a functioning volume pedal is indispensable for a string library!

Any help?
This is an important issue!


I would put the MIDI Monitor as an MIDI Insert to see, if the MIDI CC is sent. If yes, the problem is on the side of the Virtual Instrument and I would contact the vendor.