FD sensitivity...

is it just me or is anyone finding those touch strips not very responsive?
in catch mode is almost unusable for me, I have to slide up and down for 10 seconds for it to “catch”.
in jump mode it’s very hard to just make any small adjustment as it jump way above or below where it was.
you can press shift for small adjustment but you have to hold shift, there is no latch mode for the shift button which means if you are trying to adjust 2 or 3 faders at the same time you need two hands.
a bit disappointing so far…


It is not very responsive, I thought I was the only one who thought this. You have to make sure to be exact or it will not work… sometimes it just stops and loses the ability to see your damn finger. Luckily these are rather cheap so not a huge loss… still has some convenience to it… just not the faders.

been a few weeks now, Im still not getting used to those faders…
I really miss real faders, the fact that they stick out which means you can control them from many angles, move multiple faders with one finger etc…
this is so “flat” , there is no scale to see where you are without having the mixer on screen, meter is utterly pointless.
a dozen squares lighting up don’t really give any meaningful feedback, it really is a toy.
I hate to admit it, but i think it’s going to have to go, improves nothing in workflow, mouse is just as easy at this point.