[FEAT REQ] Add 'Library header' from H4 MB to Cubase MB

I love how Halion 4 has a library header in its mediabay for cataloging your sounds. Unfortunately this particular header does not translate into the Mediabay in Cubase at all, making it extremely difficult to keep track of sounds by Library when not in Halion 4 itself. Cubase’s mediabay is far superior to that of Halion 4’s mediabay in that it allows you to preview sounds in realtime, even via an external midi controller or your computer keyboard. Halion 4 has no such functionality and the sample must first be loaded into a slot before it can be previewed. This is a huge workflow killer and a complete waste of time. I would like to use the Cubase mediabay for its Halion 4 preset browsing but without a Library header, the samples are not organized like they are in Halion 4 and are listed by category yes, but not library meaning for instance, synth pads will have hundreds upon hundreds listed from a single directory where as synth pads in Halion 4 will have only a few listed per library making it much easier to track down what you are after.

I have tried the Cubase Album name and Family name, but these are not replacements for ‘Library’. I have searched up and down and Cubase does not read this particular header from Halion 4 VST Presets. Is it possible to add this into a future update so we can have fantastic browsing via Cubase’s mediabay with the organization of the Halion 4 mediabay? Category, sub category, comments etc all translate just fine, so in general it works, just not as tidy and organized as it could be.

Thanks for reading.