[FEAT REQ] Additional Sample Editing tools

Hi again, really tearing into Halion 4 I have come across a couple things I think should be in Halion 4 and would make it all the better than it already is. Both of the following ideas are in relation to the SAMPLE tab contained within Halion 4.

1.) Halion 4 is lacking a timestretch/pitch shift feature found in other software samples such as Kontakt and with great success in those programs. I would love to see these features found within Halion 4 for even more control/manipulation of imported samples one could use within their project. I would love to see some sort of ‘free warp’ option like that found in the audio editing of Cubase itself. Being able to drop anchors and manipulate the length and timing of a sample would be extremely useful in addition to everything else Halion 4 has to offer. Please consider such an addition. The SAMPLE tab is already closely related to the Cubase audio editing with its snap, set zero crossings, start/end time etc. I think the space available could accommodate such additional features.

2.) Halion 4 needs fade in/fade out handles like those found throughout Cubase for audio on the project page. I would love to set my start and end points of a sample, as well as drag a handle for fade in and fade out just like an audio event in Cubase. This would aid in click/pop diminishing, smooth bringing in and out of sounds etc. I have tried to manipulate this with the attack and release of the envelope but it just isn’t the same. Such handles are already found in the crossfading of samples between each other in Halion 4 and look exactly like the fade handles found in Cubase audio events. Could we possibly get fade handles in the sample editing section of Halion 4?

Thanks for reading.

I searched for this, but i couldnt find timestretching. Cubase gets the new killer-streching and halion has none at all. Odd, as simple time stretching ist used for creating the different sounds when a sample is used for more than one note. This cant be that complicated…

And the Fadein/Fade out-Handles would be nice too. Its definitly more usable when the fades can be seen in the sample editor, not in a completely othe section

BUMP +1000

A big plus one on these feature requests.

I just started delving into H4 and was a little surprised to find no time stretch functionality available to use on a sample I had imported. It would have been very useful and so here’s hoping that this will be ‘in the works’ for a future update.

bump for timestretching and fade in/out capabilities in the sample editing of Halion 4.

I totally agree with you about the extra sample editing tools. I actually thought there were fade in and fade out handles in the sample editor, but you’re right, there aren’t. But, in the meantime, why don’t you just use an amplitude envelope for fade in and fade out? Fade in is especially easy and there’s no danger of modifying the sample itself that way.

I have been using the envelope, but it isn’t the same. It is a poor mans alternative I feel. Try and export the sample into an external editor to perform fade in and outs and compare that to Halion 4’s envelope method. They sound different and not what I am after.

Fade in/out capabilities
timestretching capabilities
reverse capabilities from within the sample tab

These 3 things can and will really change Halion 4 for the better I feel. It does all else I am after at the moment.

Here’s another user voicing support for these features being added to H4.

Market competition is heating up with the release of the very attractive Mach Five 3, and the steady, ongoing development of Kontakt now at v5.

Given the overall smooth workflow and eloquent visual appeal of the H4 GUI, I would really like H4 to rise to the top of the heap :exclamation:

I know it’s easy being a sports spectator yelling at the players on the field to make the most obviously correct move… but I gotta think that SB programmers can lift the best audio manipulation features from Cubase or Nuendo and add them to H4. :bulb:

Wow. I just looked into Mach 5 after totally ignoring and I it definitely has lots to offer. I am quite surprised to say the least.

I do not however regret my purchase of Halion 4 at all. Like you mentioned, I love the look and feel of Halion 4, just feel it is lacking in a few things that could in my opinion really bring it to the top. I would hate for Halion 4 to be left behind so early after its release due to the competition. It was already years in the making and people have practically written off the Halion name when it comes to samplers once Kontakt took off. Here is to hoping the Halion name becomes a household brand once again and becomes a real force to contend with. With new additions and refinements from various threads on in this forum, I can definitely see this happening.

That’s really my point as well.

MOTU makes feature rich, affordable, reliable hardware. In the past I’ve used and liked some aspects of their software (DP, M5, MSI, MX4).

I gotta think that Yamaha/SB has deep enough pockets to promote the development of H4 so that it has all features needed to be fully competitive if not at the top of the software sampler market.

Why doesn’t SB just copy time stretch and fade in/out handles from the Cubase code, then paste it into H4 :question: :bulb: :sunglasses:

Here’s another toast to H4 being a top contender :exclamation:

+1 for Time Stretching /Warping

-1000 for sample fade in fade out because VCA envelopes are made for that task!!!
Having a fade in fade out for samples would be a doubled feature and it would be useless and bloat.
Envelopes are much better because you can sync them to the DAW host tempo and have unlimeted control points!!!

Thanks for chiming in on this thread as well FelixD. We seriously need some timestretching abilities in Halion 4 and the more voices that say so, the better the chances of it coming to light.

I don’t agree with your disagreement on needing fade in/out capabilities. Yes, I know the VCA envelope can simulate such a thing, but that is just it, a simulation. I do not get the same results. I have been importing samples from Halion 4 into an external editor and applying a fade in/out, then transferred the edited sample back into Halion and it does not sound the same as what I would achieve if trying to do this with an envelope. It can get close, but no cigar I feel. I would really like to see fade in/out an option as using an external editor is destructive to the original source when one may not want it to be so. I would like the original sample left untouched and only have the loaded instance affected for the current project.