[FEAT REQ] allow use of MP3 files within Halion 4


Unfortunately, as it currently stands, Halion 4 does not allow the use of samples saved in the MP3 file format. It will allow you to drag said format to a slot, but no playback will occur and the keyboard will remain greyed out on the GUI of Halion 4. Trying to save a VST Preset of an MP3 file will also have Mediabay constantly complain about not being able to find the MP3 file at a later time when trying to load the preset.

It is clear the MP3 format is not supported in Halion 4, I am hoping this is just currently and in the future this can be expanded to allow the MP3 format to be a valid file type when importing, playing and saving samples?

MP3 files are a great way to save on space while not necessarily losing out on audio quality. It is a huge standard and I am sure just about everyone has quite a few of these files scattered across their drives that could be used in Halion 4 for production purposes.

Please Steinberg, please consider the MP3 format to be an acceptable file type for a future release of Halion 4.

Thanks for reading.