[FEAT REQ] Bulk import of samples to separate programs

Here is a little suggestion to help speed up the workflow when bulk importing multiple samples at one time into Halion 4.

Currently, if one drags and drops more than one sample at a time, either from within Mediabay, or the sample import browser (CTRL + I), they all get put into a single program without the option asking whether you want each imported sample to be assigned to their own program, separate from each other. To save time and allow for greater flexibility, if one drags and drops multiple samples at once, a dialog box should appear asking if the user wants all these samples put into a single program, or separate programs for each imported sample. This would really cut down time when converting samples into VST Presets, as well as when one knows exactly what sounds they want imported and want separate control of each sound on their own designated program/channel.

Anyone else agree?

Thanks for reading.