[FEAT REQ]drag and drop from H4 to cubase and tutorial

i used H4 1 week.

i realize why H4 didn`t have timestretch.

slice player is fantastic. i can make various roop by this (pitch sift or etc.)

it can adjust tempo but it can`t adjust origin tempo.

so i have to set loop (diffrent bpm) tempo and slice loop in cubase before drag and drop to H4.

i think H4 need progressive feature slice player or can let it drag and drop from H4 to cubase.

i didnt use halion3 so im not familiar H4`s effecting and editing system.(prgram tree and manu tap)

This way is not too bad but little confused. (a little diffrent with Halion sonic)

i think steinberg have to make tutorial and tips for firts time user and for H4`s own ads(about feature).

thank to read this post.

ps) sometimes crashed GUI and error in C5 yet.
sorry for my poor english.

Many users are asking for time stretch capability.
Hopefully SB will provide it in an update.

I’m still getting up to speed with H4, but I like it! A lot!!! :smiley:
It’s definitely more intuitive to use than Kontakt.