[FEAT REQ] Drag and drop from Halion 4 to Groove Agent One

Hi there. Currently you can drag and drop into Groove Agent One from Mediabay, the project window, Windows Explorer, even Loopmash 2, however, dragging and dropping from Halion 4 into Groove Agent greets the user with a stop sign. I have drum kits that load into Halion with 1 hit on each key. If I ever come across a hit I like, I would like to be able to drag this particular sample from the currently selected program in Halion 4 onto a pad in Groove Agent One. This should be possible no?

You can drag and drop an individual sample from Halion 4 right onto the arrange screen, so Halion 4 does allow exporting, Groove Agent One is just blocking what Halion 4 is sending.

Pretty please have this working in the future?