[FEAT REQ] Dump Flexphraser patterns to midi tracks

That is a great tip. Thanks you!

H4 flexphrase works perfect as well. Just load up those presets against any patch and the chord track drives it like a pre chorded arp. Very nice. Messing with the voicings gives some fairly crazy results.

Cantankerous, it’s actually simple. Make a chord track and assign the target to an instance of H4 (little drop down in the middle of the chord track). In Halion, load any preset. If it has flex in place, just turn it on (if it isn’t already). Or, just add it anywhere in the program path.

There’s a boat load of phrase presets in the flexphraser. They all behave a little different depending on how you have the chord track set. It’s really interesting to mess with.

thanks for taking time to fill me in a little better, I appreciate it. When I have some spare time, I will definitely delve more into this. I am always on the lookout for new things with my existing tools.

Yeah, be careful. I blew over 2 hours last night just messing with various combinations. Accomplished nothing … but had a blast.

haha that is me 99% of the time. I rarely accomplish anything, sad times for me :frowning:

+1 for export and import of midi flexphrase data

Count me in here…this is like Cubase 7, an incredibly fun and powerful tool that is missing essential features to make it actually usable.

Some midi output out of HALion 4 is desperately needed…Kontakt is still kicking it’s ass

I didnt want to state the obvious… I gave in… :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for the midi export and import in flexphraser also an open editor to even tweak it some more

Forget it… save your breath. It is simply NOT going to happen; there are legal barriers…

I would suggest it is too much work (for them) to build mechanisms to distinguish safely between SB material and user made content. If it were possible, wouldn’t an ‘editable’ Flexphraser tool have been included already…? (speculating a little there… :wink:)

I dont see a copyitrite problem in letting us add and edit our own phrases in a user bank…

Edit: we could then also start a thread and share our phrases, likewise, SB could also “sell” :wink: special banks;)
Editeditx: For me, it could be used as an advanced step sequencer… If we could load our own content, it would be saving time for all “phrases that cannot be played by hand”

Ok, im babbling again… Lol… Wish you all a wonderful weekend:)