[FEAT REQ] FLAC support now that Cubase 6.5 is out?

Now that Cubase 6.5 supports FLAC import, playback and export, I really feel this new file format is a great new addition due to its small file size while maintaining top quality. Halion 4 is unfortunately not co-operating with this new file format. Halion 4 Mediabay won’t even list the files, Cubase Mediabay loads and plays the file fine, but it cannot be imported into Halion 4 like other file types. Dragging and dropping from Cubase Audio Pool does not work and even loading the audio file into the Cubase project and dragging and dropping that into Halion 4 does not work, nor does dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer etc. FLAC files just do not work with Halion 4! They appear to load into a slot fine, but you will notice no actual file is loaded, just the name appears and the keyboard is completely greyed out and void of any playback.

Will Halion 4 support FLAC files to have a proper integration with Cubase like other file types? I am already finding myself missing out by not being able to use samples I have recently obtained in the FLAC format and converting existing samples to FLAC to save space while maintaining quality is a no go if I can’t load them back later.

I hope this will become a possibility in the very near future. If there is any sort of technical limitation to why Halion 4 will not support FLAC files, please do state so I can be at rest with this. I loved the seamless integration Cubase and Halion 4 had together for dragging and dropping amongst each other and that is now lost with Cubase supporting FLAC files but Halion does not.

The same deal is happening with MP3’s and I feel Halion 4 should also support this VERY popular and abundant file format.

Thanks for reading!


Halion and GAse4 cannot read flac… cubase can…

strange to have a flagship sampler that cannot read flac…