[FEAT REQ] GPU acceleration

I’m not sure what’s up, but it seems even C7 is not utilizing GPU. The C7 mixer is sluggish like the H4 interface. They seem to be designed in the same “visual” style, so is the video performance problem the same?

Anyhow, please work on interface performance please.

110% agreed. I know Fabfilter has gone this route recently and it has made a big difference. When youhave lots of windows open with movement, especially the mixer, it all comes to a grinding halt, even on very capable systems. Nearly impossible to get accurate measurements with the meters when they look like they are fighting against molasses. GPU acceleration would certainly help this out immensely as any gpu from years gone by is capable of rendering these graphics with ease, freeing up the CPU for everything else.

I’m a dev, but I don’t do audio (although I have messed with the ASIO and VST SDKS, I’m not even remotely competent in the audio domain), but it leads me to wonder if there is an issue with audio streaming that makes using the GPU problematic. I’ve used several audio apps that have come out recently that have this same issue. And it is clear they aren’t using the GPU. So either A) there is an inherent problem using video acceleration while streaming audio B) we are being killed by the portable iWorld where apps have to run on 4" displays that don’t have GPU’s C) They are feverishly working on integrating good video performance into the app. I hope for C :mrgreen:


If Steinberg doesn’t implement this soon, I’m going to jump ship to BitWig when it comes out. I love Cubase and HALion, but this is truly a dealbreaker for me. I don’t understand why Ableton can run the same amount of plugins without any lag in UI rendering, but Cubase can’t?

Another +1 here for a snappier GUI - it is frustratingly slow at times, leading to accidental double clicks e.g. You click, you pause, slow response, so you click again, argh now it’s a double click. Happens all the time when selecting layers, I should probably do a screencast on it.

+1 for GPU acceleration

Have to agree with all here. Graphics Adapters are immensely powerful these days, and a trend is emerging…

On a general note, in my view each new round of product updates/coding should always endeavour to get more streamlined, efficient, run with less, consume less power, become better optimised and dare I say, do more…! In a smaller space, etc, etc…

Yes stuff becomes obsolete; 16bit Os’s, win98SE and on and on. But, in this day, I shouldn’t have to move over to full 64bit system, just to run the DAW efficently should I…? But there are other choices; they state that Presonus Studio One is still ok for WinXP for example. So, its possible… But sorry, I digress…

Use of the GPU (i.e. see Fabfilter) is certainly one method toward some of the above goals… :wink:

I don’t think the choppy rendering is fixed by running Cubase 64-bit. I used to run 64-bit and from what I remember it still ran sluggish. I only recently switched back to 32-bit so I could rewire Reason and Live into Cubase.


Please optimize Halion 5. I’m on the 30 demo right now with Cubase Pro 8 and with some “panes” in Halion open, the arrange page of Cubase is stuttering visually.

Just to clarify my original (and still standing) request. This about the applications not using GPU acceleration for rendering the application GUI. For example, when you size the screen you get a HUGE CPU hit, and the video card does not. There are standard approaches to GUI acceleration that work across the majority of PC based architectures. It doesn’t seem these are being utilized by any of the major Steinberg apps. It’s possible they do in some scenarios. But, it doesn’t look like it.