[FEAT REQ] Groove Agent One Pad Lock

Hi there. A little something I would like to see in a future update to Groove Agent One would be Pad lock. This would allow you to ‘lock’ the contents found on a current pad even while loading a new kit. This would be useful when building up a kit from scratch for use where you like some samples from some kits but others from another kit. I would like to load a kit and say, hey, I really like that snare and kick, but hate the hats and rides, I know another kit that has hats and rides I would like however. Instead of fumbling around trying to load different samples from different kits manually one by one, how about an option to load a kit, pad lock the samples we want to keep, load a new kit without worrying about losing the samples we want, pad lock the new samples so on and so on. I feel this would be a great addition to Groove Agent One to help in workflow and customization to the user.

As well, I am still hoping for the following additions to Groove Agent One even after two years of having this in my possession, it still falls short on 2 key areas.

1.) Can we please be able to copy and paste one pad to another for additional editing of a like pad? I would like the option to have a pad contain the samples, start and end points etc then copy this pad to another, but have one pad pitched slightly different from the other etc for easy sequencing of change ups throughout the tune instead of having an automation nightmare throughout the project trying to change things all relating to the one pad during playback. I would love to simply just draw in a new midi note to the pad containing the changes I want on the fly. So much easier on the user and can really get the creativity flowing without worrying about technicalities.

2.) We seriously need to be able to layer samples on a pad to be played back simultaneously and outside of velocity ranges. What is the point of layering on a pad when you can still only have one sound play at a time? Impossible to get multiple kicks, snares etc playing back together the way it is now. Having to juggle between 2+ more pads to achieve this same effect is a real chore and a huge setback when dealing with an MPC style drum editor.

Please Steinberg, see what you can do here. Thanks for reading!

No other users think my suggestions would be a nice addition to Groove Agent One? If you are even a moderate user of GA1 you should see exactly where I am coming from on the omissions the plugin contains.

I agree with you on this! I have been trying to get used GA1 for a while… I recently gave up on it because of the lack of content (so few included kits really) and customizing a kit never really worked out so good for me… I re-installed GURU (fxpansion discontinued software) and have been having a good time with it again… I like so much the way the filters are set up, and how i can pick hits and samples from a large included content bank and put the sounds where i need them in just 2 seconds… I created a new production template with guru instead of GA1… been havin more fun with the drumz again!

I tried with GA1

I have to agree that the inability of groove agent 1 to mix and match its built in kits is extremely limiting.

The pad lock idea would work, but i think a far simpler solution would be to allow the samples to be browsed in media bay and dragged across to GA1.



Thanks for chiming in guys. The pad lock/mix and match issue is only a small drop in the bucket. I made sure to include the layering issue as well as the copy and paste issue in this thread as they are extremely important too I feel. I was a guru user and for years it has included copy and paste of pads as well as true sound layering outside of velocity limitations so am really feeling the pain when using GA1 which has these glaring omissions. I do love the simple ease of use of GA1, the looks are better than Guru I find and it is very effecient and quick in feeling, not at all sluggish, I just wish there was more to it. It is extremely good at what it offers, but still feels somewhat half baked compared to the competition. Even the $49 Poise instrument offers true layers, copy and paste AND pad lock.