[FEAT REQ] Import Samples Window as a tab


Currently there is an option to create a tab for Import, however, it only relates to being able to import 3rd Party sampler files, not standard audio files found within our hard drives.

Currently Mediabay can only read VST Preset files, not standard audio files found within our hard drives.

Currently there is an option to preview and load standard audio files found within our hard drives via CTRL + I, or right clicking, choosing the import menu, Import samples option found within.

Is it possible to have an option to include this Import Samples dialog as a tab from within Halion 4 so it is always accessible and just a click away like all other tabs found within Halion 4? Halion 3 had a permanent section to the main window (to the right) where one could browse standard audio files, play in real time, loop, change preview volume, even adjust the start time of the sample all without having to menu dig and rely on a hotkey combination each and every time you wanted to browse and load new samples. Again, Halion 4 is so cumbersome when it comes to finding and loading sounds into itself.

I would like to be able to click on a tab, have it list the audio files on my hard drive and preview in real time whether I want to load it or not, not one by one CTRL + I/right clicking/menu digging just to get a sound loaded into Halion 4. I want it just like Halion 3 did things when it came to file browsing and loading. Just like Kontakt etc does. Mediabay is useless as a browser if the files in question are not yet converted into VST Presets. It makes the whole sampler aspect of Halion 4 a drag to work with when there is no easy way to load your own sounds into it for use. It is a glorified rompler/synth engine the way it is now. Those options are super easy to use and always at your fingertips, why not loading and saving of ones own sound files? Halion always was a sampler first and foremost, not a synth/rompler like it is now. Throw a bone to us ‘samplers’ please. I do dig what Halion 4 has to offer, but as you could tell from my numerous [FEAT REQ] headings, it falls short on a good few aspects and all of them have to do with the same issues… IMPORTING AND SAVING OF SAMPLES!!