[FEAT REQ] Mix knob for the filters

I was thinking how useful it would be to have a mix knob for the filters in Halion 4. The way it is now, the filters are 100% wet and the only control over them is by the envelopes which isn’t really useful if you want to have a blend of dry vs filtered signal.

Would it be possible to have a mix control for the filters so the user can decide how much of the original source they want to be processed by the filters? I would love to set for example 40% and have most of the dry signal come through with just a hint of the filters to add a layer to your sound for texture and effect purposes, not always having the sample full on being affected by the filters. The UAD Moog filter has a mix knob and I love how it can really add to a sound without being totally overboard if that is not what you are after.

Thanks for reading.

I am still really feeling a mix knob for the filters would be a great addition to Halion 4 for more mixing and blending capabilities. The filters can be a little too full on sometimes and it would be nice to be able to blend how much of that signal is mixed with the dry.

I would also LOVE a mix knob for the unison feature. The unison feature also sounds a little too ‘full on’ and would love to be able to mix in the unison with the dry signal for a better balance and further tone shaping capabilities.

I know you are looking for a feature (which I agree would be nice in quite a few places), but just wanted to offer an alternative that may or may not work for your situations. Add a 2nd output buss. You’ve probably figured that out. But, never hurts to suggest just in case.

Thanks for your reply, I will certainly keep this in mind to try out. Would you mind perhaps sharing a little more detail as to how a second output bus could help me create a blending type situation for say the Unison or filters? I would appreciate that, as I am having a hard time picturing how your suggestion would prove useful. Thanks for your time!

ok, I’ll see if I can make some snapshots.

well, evidently I was drinking when I thought I figured this out. I could have sworn I used two busses with the channel router. But, I sure as heck can’t get it to work now. Maybe I was using the Send -> AUX and I was just mis-remembering. So, first it looks like send is the only way to do it right now. Second, I’m on board for wanting a mix option.

I don’t see why the busses are only series. I could have sworn you could parallel busses. Geez, I have too many damn programs. I’m just confusing myself between them.

hehe no problem and thanks for trying. I suppose I wasn’t so lost after all! I was really hoping and thinking you were onto something, I wasn’t!

Mix knob on filters and unison would be amazing. I can’t think of anywhere else it would really be needed, as all insert effects already have their own built in knob and the mod matrix has the send amount fader, but unison and filters are just straight on. The Moog filter on the UAD platform has a mix function and it is brilliant for allowing the raw, dry signal to come through with just a slight hint of enveloped filter mixed in for taste. It adds an extra texture, instead of being full on filtered.

The Unison would be the same. I would like say 1.5, instead of 2 etc to fine tune the amount of unison you are actually hearing, as it is sometimes too full on the way it currently is implemented.

I think a way to achieve the effect you’re looking for would be to create two layers in a program. The first layer would contain the sample without any processing. The second layer would contain the sample -with- processing. You could then turn the gain knob in the amplifier section to a suitable value for each. You could also just copy & paste the sample without using layers and edit the samples individually.

It’s more work than just a simple “mix” knob, but it would give you essentially the same result.

Thanks a lot for your input as well, I suppose this could work yes and I will give it a try to see how it fares.