[FEAT REQ] Navigating the slot rack using a controller?

Hi guys

Is there any way i could navigate the slot rack and select a slot (instrument) using some knob on my controller?
Let me explain: i have a multi-program open with several slots, each one on a different MIDI channel. When i change my MIDI channel on my keyboard/controller, I change the slot that is playing BUT that slot is not selected(active). If I want to select the slot in order to see its edit window (or in order to see those quick controls associated with that instrument), i have to use the mouse. It would be very useful and cool if i could use a knob on my controller to navigate up and down the slot rack.


Please check the reply on the other thread :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t see what you mean.

this one:


Yes, I know you were talking about that thread, but unfortunately I can’t see how that would relate to what I’m onto here. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough, and in this case I apologize.

So let me explain again: I’m looking for a way to navigate up and down the the slot rack (in a multi-program) using an external controller in order to see (for example) the value and settings of the quick controls for a certain instrument (slot). Or in other words, in a live performance i could have a multi opened with several instruments, each on a different midi channel and Halion is showing me the quick controls for the last slot i clicked on. If at some point, i change my midi out channel on the keyboard, I can’t see the quick controls for the instrument that is assign to that midi channel unless i grab my mouse and click on the slot containing that instrument. I would like to do that without using the mouse. If I could just assign a knob on my midi controller for scrolling up and down the slot rack… :unamused: