[FEAT REQ] Note repeat like Akai MPC/D

I think this would be a real handy midi module, something basic and simple, yet can really bring something big to the table.

The Akai MPC/D series of drum samplers have a function called note repeat. This is where you can set up a clock divisor, say 1/8th, and by holding down a key/pad, it will repeat the sound attributed to that key/pad in time with the clock divisor, so every 1/8th notes it will trigger said sound until you let go of the key/pad. You can assign a hihat to a key for instance, select 1/16th and hold down a key/pad to create a fast, on time dropping of the hihat sample. The Akai’s go one further by allowing you to add swing to the note repeat value so you can quickly drop in sound with a shuffle.

Does anyone else think this would be a useful addition to Halion 4? A midi module where one could select a clock divisor to lock too, perhaps a swing knob to add a bit of shuffle and be on there way? Holding down a key/pad on their controller will repeat the sound with ease in time to the clock divisor?

I really love this on the Akai samplers and is great for inputting drums on the fly, or for getting creative on things like synth stab hits etc for an on time, rhythmic input.

Thanks for reading.

Absolutely no one thinks this would be a nice addition? Is there even any oldskool MPC users out there who know what this note repeat function is and how it works?

For such a simple midi module, it can really bring a nice addition to Halion 4 for quickly inputting hihats in drum tracks, repeating chord stabs in time with the clock rate etc.

Oh well, I would definitely love to see something like this in the future so I can stop breaking out my MPD18 just to use this feature.

Oujeah i diggit man, pushing trigger and moving pitch same time–win win win!mpc style, i though it was in there?Cant you select in audio editor to set loop in and out points of the wave, so that it will loop inside that in the speed you set it?I know kontakt has it…it is like a must

Bump, I’d like this feature too :slight_smile: