[FEAT REQ] Reverse Sample Visually in Sample edit tab

I know you can change the playback of a sample from normal to reverse and vise versa in the zone tab, but there is no visual on this happening and I would rather not have to fiddle about with a drop down menu to have a sample reversed by hearing it only, especially outside of where sample editing actually takes place. Is it possible to add the option to reverse the sample in the sample edit tab where start and end locators, loop points etc are dealt with just like in audio editors like Wavelab? A small icon on the toolbar to reverse the sample would be perfect and would allow the user to get a visual feedback that the sample has been reversed and also keeps all editing of this nature centralized within the same tab while start/end and loop start/end points etc are being dealt with. I am used to seeing this in Wavelab, Sound Forge etc and think this would be a great addition to Halion 4. One can still automate or change the sample playback mode in the zone editor if they like, so no need to remove this option, just expand on it.

Thanks for reading.

Another thing to go along with this. Since Halion 4’s sample tab contains the range tool, it would be nice to be able to select a range from a loaded sample and choose to have the selected range reversed etc while leaving the rest untouched. This would be nice to create entirely new sounds from manipulating current ones without it having to be an all or nothing scenario. The way the reverse works now from the sample osc playback mode it is either all reversed, or all playing forward. I would like the ability to reverse the sample from the sample tab and the ability to use the range tool to select and reverse only the highlighted part. This allows for greater flexibility as well as a visual representation of the sample being reversed.

Another reason why we need to be able to actually reverse the sample and not just adjust set the playback mode to reverse. Playback mode to set to reverse disables any looping capabilities! This means you cannot loop a sound if you wish to play it in reverse? Talk about a major loss of functionality here. If the sample could actually BE reversed outside of solely during playback, we would be able to set loop locators around the freshly reversed and ‘VISIBLE’ waveform in the sample edit tab where as now, we cannot with it being setup the way it is.