[FEAT REQ] Shuffle results in Mediabay like Cubase 7

I purchased Cubase 7 on release day and besides finally having an always on top mode, it also included a brilliant new button titled ‘shuffle results’. This button allows you to randomly jumble and display a different order of the samples listed, instead of the usual same order they are always displayed in. This is great for those directories which have hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands of different sample listings in which you will never get through all of them. Most if the time you start at the top and only hear the same few over and over. This button allows you to discover samples you may never knew you even had, simply because they finally get displayed for trying out. Considering the Mediabay in Halion 4 works in a very similar manner to that of the Cubase Mediabay, I would love to see this shuffle results button incorporated in the Mediabay of Halion 4, to allow us to jumble the listing of directories/albums in which we have hundreds and hundreds of sample listings. A fresh look of these large listings would be most welcome!