[FEAT. REQ. Sidechain into Loopmash 2 Performance controller

From briefly playing with Loopmash 2 I must say it is far superior to that of Loopmash one. I still find it highly convoluted however in the way it works, the ability to easily mix it down etc. I will probably not use it much due to this as it is far different than how I would work my drums in Stylus RMX etc. I do like the performance controllers however… a lot. They are super simple to use, sound great, are tight and without falter. I could not help but think how amazing it would be if I could send an audio output from another track straight into the performance controllers of Loopmash two for the stutter, staccato, rewind etc effects. I know Steinberg is still behind when it comes to sidechaining into instruments, but this is a perfect example of how and why it should be done. It really opens up tons of creative possibilities.

Another idea would be to make a standalone plugin of the performance controllers in Loopmash 2 which can be inserted and used on any track within cubase for instance rewind, stutter etc effects. This would be like a dblue Glitch or Effectrix built right into Cubase. Super easy to use and I must say, I find it sounds tighter than Effectrix when in use.

I know these types of effects are a novelty and not for everyone, but for those who could use it, do you see this as a possible nice addition to Cubase? The programming and idea is already present in Cubase, we just need it expanded I feel. Would go nice with some programmed drums from GA1 for instance.

What do you think Steinberg? Please consider this or something similar to be implemented into Cubase?

Thanks for reading.

No one else things it would be neat, or even potentially useful to be able to use the performance controllers of Loopmash on other non Loopmash based tracks?


FWIW … I think your request goes to the heart of the longstanding requests/ complaints about sidechaining VST2 plugs with external input in Cubase. Apparently somewhat addressed in the mind of Steiny by the VST3 sidechaining option in some plugs.

The problem must go right to the heart of the original coding, inasmuch as Reaper, Ableton and others seem to be able to route audio to audio without any great difficulty and people have been requesting this forever.

Yeah … I know how to use the quadro … but not with Loopmash performance! :wink:


thanks for replying, at least I am not alone in desiring such a function. I am not here to whine or dictate how Steinberg could or should implement such a feature, but rather would they and could they if it was possible?