[FEAT REQ] Switch between editor and play like HS SE

Halion Sonic SE contains the option on the top tool bar beside the midi reset lightning bolt icon (P), (E hot key) to collapse the GUI of Halion Sonic SE from the full blown editor down to just the keyboard/drum pads to allow for less screen real-estate to be taken up while still allowing loaded sounds to be played back as desired. Halion 4 contains no such option and the full GUI must be open at all times with no option to collapse like Halion Sonic SE has. Is it possible to have this option in Halion 4 as well where pressing ‘E’ on the computer keyboard, or clicking the small ‘P’ icon will change the GUI of Halion 4 from editor to play and vise versa? I really liked this about Halion Sonic SE and hope to free up some screen space if possible while simply jamming away where no visual editing needs to take place. If editing does need to take place we simply hit ‘E’ again or click the ‘P’ icon to bring the full GUI back with the editors.

Thanks for reading.