Feat request (or suggestion): Save FX Channel preset

In FX channel, I often put more effects, compressor and eq in chain.
It would be very handy to save the chain as for the track preset.
Currently I export the chain by clicking on the FX channel strip and select “save selected channel” (very useful), but in this way I get a new file on hd.
My suggestion (or request) is for to be able to manage also in MediaBay in the same way I do for track presets.
I say the same for the VST instruments channels.
Thanks Steinberg…great Cubase.


You could save an insert Preset. ( Click on the cube on top of the inserts in channel View.) Nice feature, but a pain to organize later on, you can not rename, reorder etc.


I know, haven’t mentioned this in my post, very useful, but this solution don’t save all channel parameters (eq ch strip, ch level, routings).

It’s weird that we can’t save FX as a track preset right from that track, but as a workaround we can copy it’s settings to a audio track, save as a “track preset” and then use “from a track preset”…

First there was mixer presets and VST connections. Next you had VST2, track presets and now VST3 in Mediabay.

It would be nice if only one format was used.

Being able to save FX channel presets is in my top 3 desired features. I was a bit confused and disappointed when I realized I couldn’t do this.

Also, you are unable to save Master channel presets.

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    … also group channeles and master ch please… :unamused: