Feature: Ability to expand instrument tracks to show their multi output tracks in MixConsole

This is already possible in the project window with a click of a down arrow.

I find myself needing it in the MixConsole as well, to avoid having to open the right zone and use the visibility list, which is slower.

Any chance this can be implemented?

Do I understand you correctly that you chose to hide some output channels of a multi-out VSTi and now don’t want to use the Visibility feature to un-hide them but rather would like to have a button on the “main” channel?

No, I didn’t say I chose to hide anything.

What I am finding is the children tracks on multi-output enabled instrument tracks hide themselves.
I think this happens whenever the main instrument channel is hidden and then when I bring it back, it doesn’t come back with it’s multi-output tracks.

The only way to bring them back is to either

  1. Show All Tracks, which is not desired, or
  2. Go through the visibility right zone - clicking and scrolling to find the channel. Time consuming.

It would be better to have an expand/collapse arrow button.

I see. It would be good if you could try to narrow down under which circumstance(s) the “child channels” of a VSTi do not reappear.

It might be correct of you to issue a feature-request (=current behaviour is intended by Steinberg) but it might as well be a bug (=not intended by Steinberg). Thus my asking for details.

Fair enough. It might be a bug.

I do believe the scenario is when I use track visibility operations and then bring it back via cmd+F. The multi-output tracks are hidden by default.

In my opinion this should not be intended behavior in the MixConsole because in any mixing scenario it is likely you want access to the multi channels too.