Feature and fix wishlist


I would like to use Padshop Pro in Ableton Live 9 on a Win 10 64 bit PC, but right now it’s simply too painful. So I put together a few ideas for much needed improvement. Some of them were already requested by other users YEARS AGO.

  1. Zooming in and out of the sample and horizontal scrolling. Both should be able to be controlled via MIDI.
  2. Cropping samples in padshop ( good for scanning longer samples, selecting the right part, then cut away the rest to save memory )
  3. Freely selectable sample folders ( yes, in plural ). I have a 250 GB SSD for the system and the programs, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy a zillion bytes SSD to store my samples ON THE SYSTEM DRIVE. I already have an HDD just for the samples.
  4. And of course no more sample importing on the system drive. ( they eat up free space real fast ) Just leave them where they are.
  5. Bigger and/or resizeable sample select window for longer sample names. Working with movies or games you will use pretty long filenames.
  6. Fixed drag and drop in Ableton Live! ( If the problem is on their end, please pick up the phone and solve it together. I always had to work together with other people or companies both in building industry and sound reinforcement, and no customer would have ever accepted pointing fingers at each other. They pay all participants for a working solution, the rest was up to us. )
  7. Better timestretch algorithm for preserving formants, because the current one does the chipmunk sound with duration longer than 20 ( when you’d like to use a recogniseable portion of the sample ).

C’mon gentlebeings! It’s been about 3 years since you’ve done anything with Padshop. It would be the best granular synth on the market if you’d finally fix it!
And please give us some indication that you’ve not dumped Padshop Pro!

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