Feature Comparison C6 -vs- CA6

I’m looking at the following page:


and was wondering if the future direction might be towards a more flexible freeze function or audio handling generally, since it seems that the Batch Export function for the latter version has been taken away?

Also, if there is no import/export to and from the pool how are you supposed to get audio into the program?

I’ve never liked drag and drop from the OS, but if menus are the only way then that is fine but can files still be managed in the pool as “normal”?

I can understand that as new features are made they are introduced into the various flavors of the application at the time and that in future they may be taken away, but notwithstanding Track Archives being unavailable are files fully compatible between C6/CA6, as well as a future Essential and will Essential for that matter support the wavelab editing function?

Any comments welcome.

Cheers all

You import directly into the project…!?