[Feature] Darken/lighten background of selected track in arrangement view

I often have vertical zoom set such that tracks become single line, because this gives me the best overview in a song with lots of tracks. However, it can be a little confusing sometimes, because it’s hard to see which parts belong to the selected track when the window/screen is rather wide.

The background of the arrangement view is already darkened/lightened vertically where the cycle area is. It would be nice if the background was also darkened/lightened horizontally where the currently selected track is. The area where the cycle range intersects with the selected track should probably be darkened/lightened even slightly more.

There is a related minor issue: The grid lines are implemented with a fixed colour (which can be changed in the setting). This has the drawback that the contrast of the grid lines over the normal background is different from the contrast of the grid lines over the background of the cycle range. If the grid lines were implemented with opacity rather than with a fixed colour, the contrast would stay the same.

Cubase 13 macOS Sonoma 14.1.2

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