Feature Enhancement: Use Color For Similar Tracks -

In my personal workflow I find it best when all audio tracks are one colour, midi another, folders, fx channels, groups etc. When you right click on a track you get the option “Use Color For Similar Tracks”. This makes any other track of the same type the color of the clicked track - great! However when you add more tracks the color doesnt stick anymore

Please please either make newly added tracks follow the flow or at least include a checkbox option or something to make it that any tracks added share the same colour as the user specified.

Currently the funtionality doesnt make sense to me not to hold from that moment forward

Mart, go int oyour prefernce & see the tab concerning Colouring new tracks…Something in there will suit you bettert…as for for getting tracks to stay the same colour…create the tracks in a folder, rather than outside & then bringing them in. In prefs…you have a bit more control…but regarding automatically assigning colours to tracks…Cubase isnt a mind reader…as to what tracks you have (Bass,Key, Pad, etc)…or if you means either an Audio Track, or Midi Track…that should be straightforward…maybe Im not understanding exactly what you mean by making ubase make tracks the same colour??? By Track Type or by Track Name? :question: