Feature - Full Song Backup Routine


i wish I would have a complete backup routine for my projects.

I know there is project backup but this is inclomplete. For example, audio files which I put on the sampler track won´t be copied or files from Mediabay to a pad in Groove Agent won´t be saved, the project will still keep the links to the original folder. Have fun opening a project at a friend…

Secondly it would be great if Cubase render all instruments tracks in the background to audio files, of course without track effects. Just the dry signal of the full track of every instrument.

A full backup routine to save all (!) audio files and all instruments automatically would be a great time saver.

Thank you!

A major point of Backup Project is that it copies all the Audio in the source Project to the New Project’s Audio folder. So if you use it and it is linking back to the original folder then you are doing something wrong. On the other hand using Save As to move it to a new location will result in links to the original folder (i.e. always use Save As to save an alternative in the current Project folder and Backup Project to create a new and complete Project folder).

Also if the main purpose of the backups is for data-loss/recovery then an OS level backup is the better option. :wink:

As I said, all Audio files you place from the Mediabay directly on a pad of Groove Agent won´t be save with project backup. Same when you place the audiofiles on the keyboard of the sampler track. In those cases the saved project keep the links to original folder. I never use “save as” for backup"

What could I do wrong?

My second point is that it would be nice if Cubase render all instruments to audio files when I do the project backup.