Feature/Function WishList Repository?

There appears to be several “Wish List” threads each containing a particular user’s wish list, arguments for such needs, and other users posting suggestions about how one might work-around a particular feature and perhaps followed by Daniel’s eta on said feature. While this is helpful in one regard, it’s a bit convoluted in terms of gathering the list of wishes. For instance, I don’t want to clog up the forum with feature requests that have already been requested several times. It might be helpful if there were a sticky thread where everyone could post feature requests without lengthy explanations, for example:

+1 for capo guitar chords

I personally wouldn’t find such a thing helpful. It would quickly devolve into an endless stream of “+1” posts (something I find almost as objectionable as “bump” posts) and it would be a nightmare to track it. Plus I don’t want there to be some sense in which a single thread on this forum becomes a focal point for the community’s suggestions, because we of course get plenty of feedback through other venues, such as email, social media, trade shows, events, phone calls, smoke signals, the pony express, and so on.

Please rest assured that we read every thread here, and for my part at least I have no problem with reading feature requests more than once. I’d much rather that than wade through a sea of +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1…

Must brush up on smoke signal vocabulary.

Suggestions by smoke signal are mere puffery.

I have no problem with reading feature requests more than once.