Feature idea: Intelligent virtual copying of voices


of course, this is not for version 1. However, I have a very inovative idea: It should be possible to set up virtual copying rules for voices for any passage in the score.

What do I mean by this? Let’s assume, you compose a canon. Then, it would be nice if you could just write the Dux voice, and Dorico automatically writes out the Comes voice(s) according to a rule you specify. The rule could contain just a simple pitch or time shift, but also should offer stuff like augmentation, diminution, inversion, and - if the piece length is given - retrograde movement.

This feature would not only be helpful for contrapuntal writing, but also when writing orchestral scores, as you could automatically copy a line to multiple instruments playing in unison, octave, or any other interval, while having to input the line just once.

Of course, it always should be possible to manually alter any of the copied lines later.