Feature idea: "Sticky staff"

I guess everyone knows the “sticky table header” feature in spreadsheet software such as Excel and Google Spreadsheet. It allows you to pin a certain row (or a number of rows) on top of the table.

When arranging for a large ensemble, a score has many staves. Often, I write a “demo” of what I want to orchestrate later to a piano staff. As this staff has a fixed position in the score, it won’t be always in focus, making me scroll a lot if I want to see where I am and which harmonies I want to orchestrate.

A feature to define one (or multiple) staves as “sticky” that are then fixed on top or bottom in the galley view would be a great addition to Dorico.


Hi @LorenzU
With flows (putting and showing the sketch only on the second flow) you can have a nice setup where you see your sketch and the working score at once (with Horizontal split). The other advantage is that the sketch is independent, so you can experiment without changing the working score:

[edit]: is better to put the Consolidate multi-bar rest for the sketch layout to none…)


People have requested “scratch” staves; perhaps a nice option would be to have those scratch staves and then be able to make them sticky or not. It’s an interesting idea. I was just filtering a large score in galley view yesterday, and there was one part I always wanted displayed, so this could have really come in handy.


@Christian_R Sorry for the delayed response but thanks for showing this workaround. That seems to be a good solution until Dorico offers something else.

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