Feature: Link notes

We have this great paradigm in Dorico of grouping dynamics, linking parts and dynamically assigning Cues.
While orchestrating I sometimes borrow a cello line for the basoons, violin line for flutes, and various bits of different chordal counterpoint melodies from the brass or strings to other instruments. It is always a puzzle.

I always have to finish the section in one swoop, because after coming back to it after a while - I forget which instrument borrows which line, and the act of continuing my thought approaches a light roadblock. Not an end of the world, but it made me think:
I wish we could paste linked passages very similarly as Cues do it - with color coding sections and instruments, so we can visually see what comes from whom.
I wish the linked parts could allow for independent transposition and have an option to override articulation, dynamics and slurring — but would change whenever the linked part changes.

This would be a tremendous help in some intricate orchestration work!

I suppose that having lots of links would be strenuous on the CPU, but I would be more than happy to have them.