Feature Modification Request

Hello, Devs!

To engage the tuplet tool, from the keyboard, we press the “semi-colon” key, but to disengage, we press the “colon” key, which is “Shift-semi-colon”.

Can we have it as a toggle, please, the way the “zero” on the numeric keypad does with rests, and the “enter” does with ties? Believe it or not, that extra key-stroke is not only a workflow “thing”, it’s also counter intuitive.

Thank you!

(Doricans, unite!)

Just as with slurs, some of us need to be able to nest tuplets on occasion…

We won’t be changing this. It was done this way in the first place for a reason, and it wasn’t to make the workflow less convenient, but to enable more powerful functionality.

Is this a “for” or an “against”?

and it wasn’t to make the workflow less convenient

I didn’t think so.

but to enable more powerful functionality.

This, too, I’ll grow into.

Thanx for coming in!

It’s an “against”. If “;” is a toggle, it’s impossible to nest tuplets. That’s unless something else changes, I guess.

Isn’t the “enter” key a toggle? If I understand you correctly, you can do nested slurs with it as a toggle. Won’t it be as easy to do nested tuplets, with “;” as a toggle?

Trying to understand.

It’s late enough in the evening (2.15am here) that I can’t figure out exactly what would and wouldn’t be possible with tuplets, if “;” was a toggle.

What I do know is that if I want to type some 8th/quaver tuplets, then nest a 16th/semiquaver tuplet on the fourth 8th/quaver tuplet, it’s currently really easy:

If “;” was a toggle, how would I tell Dorico that I wanted the 8th/quaver tuplets to continue on the second beat, but that I also wanted to begin entering 16th/semiquaver tuplets?

You may find it easier to enter the note durations ignoring the tuplets, and convert the notes into tuplets in later (in insert mode, so you don’t insert rests or overwrite notes).

I find that is the quickest way to enter rhythms like mostly quarter notes with occasional triplet 8th notes. You don’t need to press : to end the triplets that way.

Thanx, for your input, gentlemen!

Learning all the time.