Feature - Per clip visible 'ruler'

Just curious.
Anyone make use of this type of feature (in any other Mastering app.?), in the course of their mastering jobs.?

Those Reaper guys are going a bundle on it for Mastering, it becoming introduced at the latest beta. Seems its “…100% essential for Mastering jobs…” to have this kind of visibility.

Personally, I’ve never missed not having it - but I’m not a professional.

WaveLab has this, plus the timecode can be set to show you the clip time, or CD track time, instead of just the total project time when playing audio.

I find it to be essential for mastering.

The main timeline/timecode for the whole project is only relevant for the first song.

Oops.! Ok, thanks for that… showing my lack of experience here… :blush:

So, how would I get to display this ruler detail on each individual clip please…? I too can see myself finding this useful. I’d say I mainly use WL’s Basic CD tool.

(if you prefer to point me to a page/section of the manual, that will be kind of you.)

In the montage, you go to the “View” tab, make sure a clip is selected, and then in the Clip section of the View tab, check the “Ruler” box. Then that clip will get a ruler for just the clip time.

I don’t use this too often because I find it faster to just change the counter to the CD track time which is often what I need to know…when a client says something like:

At 2:13 on track 8, I hear this or that. However, the item time ruler is certainly useful for mastering.

REAPER has a long way to go before it can come close to the WaveLab montage, even though it can do other parts of the mastering process very well.

Sorry for the delay - thanks for the extra detail @Justin P; will look at it all later this weekend hopefully. Changing the ‘counter’ to CD track time sounds like something I’d make most use of.

And, about Reaper - yes; I simply picked up on this one topic in their latest beta build, when they started getting all excited about it being ‘essential’ for Mastering. Wanted the WL community’s thoughts… (and I’m glad I did - learned something from you, that’s going to turn out very useful).

No problem. In WaveLab I have assigned shortcuts to change the timecode counter to various views…clip start, CD track start, project start, etc. That is what I do mostly.

I really only use the clip ruler if I’m doing a meticulous album assembly from the clients notes, but I’m sure it comes in handy for other users in many ways.