Feature proposal - staging window


i got a proposal for a new feature in cubase which i proposed already two years ago and which is realized in some way in damage and mir.
I’d like to have a staging window for advanced mixing with the following features:

  1. staging window with 5 horizontal lines for 3rd dimension (reverb) and 11 vertical lines for 2nd dimension (pan)
  2. an icon can be assigned to each track and its corresponing mixer channel
  3. for each horizontal staging line a reverb and the send level can be customized/defined
  4. for each defined reverb the pan position in dependency of the vertical line can be defined
  5. when dragging the icon the first time into the staging window the send is automatically filled with the defined
    reverb (level and pan of send bus is automatically adjusted)
  6. the vertical icon position corresponds to its pan level (l-c-r-). Its not fixed on the 1 lines.
  7. when moving the icon in he stage window the pan position and the send assignment are automatically allocated
  8. advanced feature: the icons follow the automation events so you can see how the dimensions change

I think that would be a feature which uses the capabilities of a computer in comparison to a hardware mixing console. Furthermore this would be feature which raises the functionality of cubase to other products.

What do you mean ?


i think this is a great idea - a kind of “position the track in the room” kind of thing.

This could as well be implemented in a general way for selectable pairs of parameters (all that we can automate).

Cheers, Ernst

Sounds like a cool idea.

Could be useful… :slight_smile: