Feature question/request

Is there ANY way to change the mouse “key” commands??? IE, scrolling left right used to be accomplished by shift + scroll OR ctrl + scroll. If the answer is yes, pls ignkre the rest of this post cause its pretty longwinded with frustration. If not, PLEASE consider this a feature request.

With mouse scroll zoom added on ctrl+scroll, scrolling left/right is only accomplished by shift+scroll. This doesn’t sound like a huge issue at firs glance, but for many of us that live&die by slip editing, we use a finely tuned process that allows us to do all editing by just holding down ctrl (to scroll), ctrl+click to slice & simply adding alt to it - so ctrl+alt - to slip. One finger down & just adding the other every now & then for slipping. So easy & refined. NOW, ctrl zooms so u have to shift to scroll, then switch to ctrl or alt to slice & then add the other to slip, then back to shift to scroll again. Doesn’t sound like much but after Editing an entire song or more I’m developing carpel tunnel pain from this. & beacause of the more complex finger combos, I so often accidentally zoom & have to start over or hit alt when I don’t need to cut & since hitting alt selects menu commands I have to touch the screen again to get out of that mode & start over. Over an entire song this gets severely frustrating. Add to this already that there’s not transparent events & u got a major PITA for us slip editors. Much more difficult workflow now. Pls allow us the option to edit mouse scroll preference or a workaround.