Feature Req: Ability to Save Midi Bits-Ideas in Pool

This is a repost of a feature request from an older version of Cubase, but I’d still love to see it implemented:

“It would be nice to have a central storage point for midi (and possibly audio although the pool is fine for audio) bits that might come in handy for a project that you want to come back to but aren’t part of your main tune. It would be ideal if it were not on the main timeline as that gets distracting. For instance, currently I might have and idea record it in Midi and then have to move it over to bar 100 (just later in the song) and then maybe get back to it. If there were a panel, not unlike the pool, for midi clips that might be useful in a project that would help out tremendously.


You can use folder tracks for this. Just hide your unused ideas on muted tracks in closed folder tracks.

You can also use track versions. Save your ideas as different track versions.

What I normally do though is just drag all the ideas past 5 minutes or so on the timeline and bring them back where I want it. I usually do things in sections. So if I compose a hook or bridge I might compose a whole bridge and just throw it out of the way until I’m ready for it.

You can use the arranger track but I don’t like it. I like to play linear without a lot of copying a pasting.

This would be good to have. Sometimes I’ll be working on a project and instantiate a new synth. I find a preset then start playing something that is not intended for this project but could be a great line for a new song. I would like to be able to drag the MIDI.

In Studio One, you can drag MIDI directly from the arrange window to its Browser which is a mirror for your computer’s file system, so you could drag that MIDI out of the DAW directly into a new song folder on your computer for later use.

Currently in Cubase I have to export the MIDI into another folder on my hard drive. (I name the file according to whatever synth and preset it was set to).