[Feature Req] CV support: CV tracks like controllers, CV at UR I/O and CV/VST "CVST" link for FX

As the CV’s trend is going up, why not democratize it, even embrace it at DAW level. Why not add full CV support at DAW level:

  • Cubase support for CV controller lanes (in addition to MIDI controller lanes).
  • UR audio interface support for CV I/O (value would have 1 in, 1 out, intermediate, 2 in, 2 out, pro, 4 in, 4 out, producer even more) (Outputs would be mapped to CV controller lanes) (make sure throughput can handle that much audio rate data, or have user configure speed of each CV port depending on usage, USB / PCIe / PCIe with external unit with proprietary high throughput cable or ext-PCIe, what’s best?)
  • VST support for CV I/O to allow processing CV inputs (Modulation CVs would also be mapped as additional CV controller lanes). Imagine CV-VSTs, hum CVST (coined it!), reproducing costly Eurorack units features.
    People out there, what’s your interest in this? Are you ready to throw your Eurorack away for much less expensive equivalent CV-processing-VSTs that would have to be invented? Got sick that a lag processor is 60 euros?

What do you think of that idea? Steinberg, are you interested?

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