FEATURE REQ: Improved Transport > Select Left/Right


Make the function, Transport > Select Left/Right a two-state deal: The first state will activate either left- or right-side selection and the second actually lets you select time left and right on that particular side. This makes the process of selecting time with keys a lot faster.


  1. Press Shift+Arrow (Left/Right) to initiate selection mode on either left or right side.
  2. In this state (while still holding down Shift), use Left and Right keys to adjust time selection on the side you chose to adjust.
  3. Release Shift to exit time selection mode.


Place cursor somewhere in the waveform.
Press Shift+Right to initiate right-side selection mode.
Adjust right-side selection with Left or Right arrow keys while still holding down Shift.
Release Shift to exit right-side selection mode.

Press Shift+Left to initiate left-side selection mode … Rinse and repeat.

I’m not sure I understand how this is faster than the current paradigm ? Seems pretty similar to what you can do already.

@Robin, I don’t think you can do what I want: Adjust selection on both sides of your current selection. You can only adjust on the left side by using Shift-LArrow and Shift-RArrow. What if you also want to expand or shrink the selection (meaning stretch the end of your selection, which was my interpretation of ‘select right’)?