[FEATURE REQ.] Trim faders X-db

Sparked by this:


Neve Fying Faders has a feature, which allows you to trim a fader, a group of faders, or all faders by a specified amount, anywhere from .01 db (yes, one-tenth of a db) on up. This would be very useful in Cubase when there is automation involved. No automation - simply select channels, and move the faders down. But if there is automation, one can’t currently really do this - at least not easily and quickly. The trim fader feature would trim all selected faders by a specified amount - an option dialogue box would open - similiar to the when you want to increase or decrease the gain on an audio event - and you would type in the amount of db you want to trim.

This should be possible, no?


I think you can trim all volume automation by using the Project Logical Editor

I dare say that you could rubber band automation points across many tracks and adjust the info line dB figure. But I’ve not tried it!

Be nice to have a feature like this. But, thinking about it, it probably stems from having a track grouping feature too, which I’d like to see. I.e. linking tracks together in the project window not just the mixer.


This is already possible, using the “Trim” in the Automation Panel.

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On more than one channel at a time?

It’s very easy to loose headroom on DAW’s.
Protools has a very easy way to trim the volumes up/down.

I would like to have it on Cubase too. That I don’t have to click on many buttons. Or a track at a time…

Ok, that may be a good idea. Any suggestions on how to do this?

Yeah - exactly. I dont think the Auto Panel will do multiple tracks simul.

By modifying the Project Logical Editor Pre-set, Trim Selected Automation By 10%

Ok, but:

  1. how do you trim ALL faders - including ones that do not have any auto?

  2. how do you trim faders with auto by another amount (2%, 1 db)?

Well… there may be a better way but what I do if I have to reduce all faders in a project with a mix of automation and no automation, is to take a note of a fader with automation sitting at 0dB and apply the trim automation project logical editor, then note where the level ends up, and drop all relevant non automated channels by linking them (using a reference fader) by the same amount.

Result is the same balance but quieter.

That way I dont really have to bother about 1% being 1.4dB or whatever it may be.

Or was question 2 asking how to change the trim from 10% (just edit the logical editor value)

Easy! Use a SubMaster Bus and lower it by the amount needed.


It’s not the same thing…

It accomplishes exactly the same thing, but in a different way (to lower the levels of all tracks, including those with automation in them, by a certain amount). Sure it is not what you guys want per say, I agree. But it does the job nonetheless.

It does not lower the signal level to post fader inserts and sends on single tracks, so it does not exactly the same thing, so it might not always do the job…

That’s one hundreth of a dB, not a tenth.

Good idea though, it’s a PITA having to do it using PLE for tracks which have automation, or even when doing non-automated ones using “link channels” in the mixer, dragging them down the set amount and then unlinking them. Should be easier to do.

Easy! Use a SubMaster Bus and lower it by the amount needed.

Not so easy when you have different types of tracks (MIDI, Audio, FX, etc.)

That’s one hundreth of a dB, not a tenth.

Oops - meant to type .1

The ideas expressd here are good ones, but quite simply, are more complicated than pressing a key command for “trim all faders”. Or, “trim all selected faders”. Then a dial box would pop up, and you would select the amount you want - same as the gain and velocity dial boxes.

Neve Fying Faders - a computer program - has this feature. If an application written in 1988 was able to to control external hw, then I see no reason why it would be difficult to implement this in a sw app. Not that they are the same thing, but…


Why not? All tracks (Audio, MIDI, FX Channel, Group Channel, etc) are supposed to end their journey at the SubMaster and from there they go to the Master Bus. I’ve been doing it like this for years and it’s never been an issue.

I’m not knocking down your request, because I do think it will improve most people’s mixing workflow. I for one would love to have it :slight_smile: But the way I suggest is really not hard, especially when it is already part of your mixing template.

Take care!

Ok, can you please explain to me how to do this? Thanks.