feature req. - windows tile

this used to be in older nuendo versions; it used to be possible to tile windows on the screen. often, i may want to juggle events back and forth between projects, so i may have two projects opened at the same time. resizing the windows by hand all the time just sucks.

also, it would be useful to have a command to tile the vst plugin windows currently opened on screen. since cubase6 (i think it was), there’s a new keycommandable-command to ‘close all vst plugins’, which is indeed quite useful. there are also commands in the generic remote that allow to ‘open the gui of insert #1 - #8 on the selected channel’. this should be complemented with the option to ‘tile’ (possibly ‘cascade’ as well) the plugins… (or am i missing a functionality that’s already there?)

lukas do you understand english ?