Feature Request: 2 Cubase 9 licenses tied to 2 computers

I would love to not have to grab my rather expensive dongle every time I want to use my laptop. A lot of software companies have gone to a model that lets the user authorize 2 computers, no dongle. I know it’s a pipe dream, but it would be so great is Steinberg added this option.

You are correct.

…and I prefer the dongle, pain though it can be. I have software from Adobe that is tied to two computers and I just wish it could be three…with Cubase and the dongle it is! :slight_smile:

Pluses and minuses with both.

Very true. It’s obvious why Steinberg want to stay with the dongle system -because it means their software doesn’t get cracked. As a user this is sometimes annoying but the upside is that Steinberg get more revenue to develop the software.