Feature request: a faster way to rename tracks and regions

Hi! It’s been some time now I’ve been thinking about it, but I see a very cool feature in Logic (probably the only one, really…hate that piece of junk) that it would be great to have in Cubase as well, and it’s the renaming function based on tracks or regions name, as you can see in this screenshot:
Screenshot 2023-11-09 105853
Especially because of the very useful “render in place” feature we have in Cubase, it would be just awesome to rename every new audio track by its midi track above, instead of getting the name of its audio bus, with the (R) mark in it.


First I hated the (R) but now I find it useful as I disable and hide the original track and it´s useful to know I´m working on the rendered track.
Anyway I have a PLE to delete (R) from names, if needed with just a click I get them erased.

Same for me
I created a macro to mute the audio of the midi tracks mute the tracks
and create new folders with the same name as the original + audio

Yeah yeah, but the point is not the (R) here, but to have a one-click function to rename several channels/tracks based on the midi tracks they come from.

I don’t understand
the audio tracks are well renamed with the original names of the midi tracks?

I’m talking about midi tracks, not instrument tracks.