FEATURE REQUEST: A Re-sizable mixer

does this drive anyone else nuts? i have a dual monitor setup with the project window on one and the mixer on the other. currently i have the 2nd monitor with the mixer on it set to a different resolution so the mixer fills most of the screen (if its the same resolution as my other monitor it fills like half the screen) except for a small strip along the bottom where i like to keep the transport panel, CPU meter, UAD meter and powercore meter. its annoying that each monitor is a different resolution as when i move from one screen to the next the mouse ends up being in a little different position. its a small thing but annoying none the less. why not make it sizable with a handle in the lower right corner like the project window?
or better yet, let me use the smaller scaled mixer at a higher resolution but let me open my inserts and sends at the same time filling in that extra space. somewhat similar to Protools. it pains me to say this but, their mixer makes better use of the monitor’s real estate in my opinion. that is what i use the most on the mixer and being able to see the inserts and sends at the same time sort of like a big overview would be a godsend for me. the resolution is fine but with the inserts and sends simultaneously would be amazing.
am i alone on this? less clicking and better work flow is more important to me at this point than new features. Now that we have a good multitrack audio quantize, i am feeling pretty good about the feature set.

please, Chris or whomever, please pass this info on to Steiny. i am sure it would not be that difficult it implement.

More customisation would be a good idea.

Also as cubase is a virtual studio, what about a mixer with undo and redo buttons that is independent of the arrangement pages’ undo?
This may mean that automation would have to use this undo button also, but I feel it would make mixing like using a real hardware digital mixer.

A re-sizable mixer would be most welcome by most everyone, and has been requested for years and several Cubase/Nuendo generations. My guess is that with the current bitmap scheme that is used, they (starting with Dave Nicholson) just don’t know how. At least not without overhauling the entire scheme, and Yamaha may not give them/allow them the resources/budget to do that.

There is a decent-sized thread on this on the old forum. Some people want mixer undo/redo; myself and some others think this is a bad idea for a variety of reasons. But, a mixer undo/redo that is independent of the rest of the app would be a welcome addition for many.


I totally agree with you, to make a mixer undo/redo part of the main programs undo would be a bad idea.

i personally don’t need an undo/redo button on the mixer but to each their own.
i just went to a clients home studio to help him get some things set up and he had C5 along with sony acid. although i didn’t like acid nearly as much as Cubase, i was totally jealous of the mixer’s flexibility. i could have inserts and sends open at the same time, meters, panners, ins/outs and faders. the fader, meter, sends and insert section of the mixer could be dragged to show more or in the case of the fader could be stretched to show a larger ‘resolution’ for more finite adjustments. for me, being able to have 4 inserts and 4 sends visible at the same time was heavenly since i usually have only a couple of tracks that might have more than 4 of each. it just gave me a great overview of all FX and such at a glace. no clicking around to show different parts of the mixer (inserts OR sends). having the ability to show 8 inserts or sends with one mouse click as Cubase does now is also very welcome so i would not want that to be removed. basically i just would like another 4 insert and 4 send ‘view’ option with a mixer window i could resize reguardless of my monitors resolution.
please, steiny, please…


Lots of things need to be done with mixer. Control room functions should be part of the mixer. View settings should be independent so one mixer can view pre effects/pan/fader and one input. Or maybe a meter that can show both at the same time. A resizeable would be GREAT! And a line-wrapped too.