Feature Request: Abbreviated text for playing techniques

I often have my playing techniques duplicated because I use sometimes the full text, and sometimes the abbreviated text (for example “sul ponticello” and “s. p.”. I think it would be a good idea to add an “Abbreviated text” field in the playing technique definition and the “Abbreviated” checkbox in the properties window to allow to choose between the full or abbreviated text.

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And it would be also interesting to have a “Parenthesized” option also for playing techniques, as sometimes they have to be set to remember that the playing technique is still active, for example “(pizz.)” after a long multibar rest.

xavier, you can easily set up new (additional) playing techniques to your wishes.

Thank you k_b, that’s true, but I am just suggesting that this would be much more comfortable and would keep them much more organized, especially when you have a lot of them. It would also facilitate the change from the full text technique to the abbreviated or parenthesized one. It would also be more coherent with the handling of dynamics and other items: you don’t have two definitions of “f” and "(f), for example, they are the same item with different properties. I you add the limitation that you cant (at the moment) sort the playing technique panel, the having less playing techniques would be really a help for me.

I am seconding this feature, with an added possibility for prefixes like „poco“ or „molto“.
It is just getting really unhandy very quickly to have 5 variations of the same playing technique.

Yes, prefix and suffix, like in dynamics would be also appreciated!

Since I don’t see it in D4, I would like to repeat a request for prefix in playing techniques.

I can have “marcato molto”, but I can’t find a way, unless faking it with ordinary text, to have “molto marcato”.