Feature Request: Ability to highlight selections of music

Hi friends! I would like to request the ability to highlight selections of music. I found this capability valuable in Sibelius. In my composition student’s works, I would highlight portions of their music that I would like them to think about/re-work. In my own music, I would highlight parts of the music that I didn’t want to deal with right then and move on with the composition process. My students and I have now switched to Dorico. I know I can add comments; they just don’t jump out at you like highlighting does. It looks like the iPad version can do some rudimentary highlighting. Perhaps that could be ported to the desktop version? Thanks for listening!

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Highlighting capability has been requested before by a number of folks, so the development team is aware of the desire to see it in a future version of the software.

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Sometimes I add staff text (or system text) to note sections to review, and change the color to red. Adding a border to the text is also helpful to make it stand out. But I do hope that highlighting will show up sometime.

I would expect that in the course of time this will be implemented, since there are already two other functions that highlight bars various colors.