Feature request: ability to move "gliss" text independent of gliss line

Currently if I try to move the “gliss” text, it also moves the associated gliss line. I have a need to move this independently to avoid notational ugliness as per below

(moving the gliss text to avoid collision with the - marking shifts the line to no longer show a clear line between the two glissed notes)

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Thanks for the feedback. We’ll think about how we might make it possible to adjust the position of the text independently of the line in future.


@mendellee In the meantime you can use a line (an invisible one) with a text annotation to get the flexibility you want. Depending on where the text should appear it might be better to attach the line to the notes or to the barlines. Also depending on how oft you need to do that, you might want to change the engraving options of gliss lines in order not to show the text at all, or just use the properties panel where needed.
gliss text

Invisible line with gliss text.dorico (830.7 KB)

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