Feature Request: Ability to move Inserts position in the Strip (Just like MixConsole EQ can)

This would be very useful, being able to place inserts before everything on the channel (before MixConsole EQ)

Two use cases:

1.) Creativity first, Technical Mix Adjustments Later
If you think about how most users use their Inserts and plugins - it’s their sort of creative sound shaping place sometimes more so than it is their technical mixing place.

This would allow user to do all their quick brash broadstroke creative work on their inserts, and then using the MixConsole utilities to do final adjustments

2.) Freezing heavy duty inserts/mixes, continuing adjustments in MixConsole
User could Freeze the inserts of channels they feel are complete/want to commit to, and then still make mix adjustments in MixConsole.

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