Feature request: Ability to move MIDI regions along or to other lanes


In play mode, looking at the instrument lanes, groups of notes seem to be boxed in a “MIDI region” (what Logic calls it). It would be convenient to be able to drag them in time (i.e. within the same instrument) or to a new instrument. This is a useful feature in Logic (and probably other DAWs, though I’m not familiar with them). This is easier than, for example, cutting and pasting an entire set of notes in write mode.


These are accomplished via commands in Dorico:

  • Shift selected material horizontally by the rhythmic grid with Alt → / ←
    (If it’s more than a few bars away it may be easier to Copy & Paste)
  • Change one instrument to another in Setup mode
    To move material to the next staff up/down, type Alt+N/M
    (Again, copy with Alt-click for longer distances)

The fact that we can’t simply drag ‘midi regions’ is insurance against accidental changes.

There’s definitely room for us to add some basic region-editing features in a future version of Dorico, but I’m not sure we’re going to go all the way to the kind of arrange window features you see in a fully-fledged DAW like Cubase or Logic.