Feature Request: Ability to sort clips by <tag> so I can organize, route, and audition by multiple grouping schemes

I write mostly orchestral music and my instruments are laid out in score order. But instruments often play together not in score order - some strings might be with the woodwinds and other strings with the low brass. And when I’m editing, I want to audition those groups as a unit. This is like when the conductor shouts “Everyone who has the melody at measure 200, here we go…” But this is a pain in score order because I have to scroll past the 200 instruments in my template, some of them are multiple folders down, etc.

I could imagine a couple of ideas. You could have virtual folder tracks where you could add just the high strings and high woodwinds and another where you could have the low strings and woodwinds. But this assumes that those instruments will always be grouped together, and that’s not always the case.

Another (better?) idea is to tag the individual clips e.g. I could mouse-select a block of clips and call it “Melody” and another “Scary texture” and whatever. Then I can open up a virtual folder and see them all there next to each other. Then I can mute/solo/audition them together. Maybe I could use the tags to do signal routing - route all of my “Scary texture” tracks through a heavy reverb or something.

And of course I want to do multiple tags (cuz I’m greedy - sorry, I know what’s it’s like, I’m in user-facing software also :slight_smile: ). Multiple tags would let me group all my woodwinds, for example, across my multiple organizational folders (BBCSO woodwinds, CSW, World flutes, etc).

Thank you! Cubase is really an awesome product, just trying to make it even easier…